summer language school "Volga" – 2013

summer language school "Volga" – 2013


Summer Russian language school "Volga-2013"


Astrakhan State Technical University has been involved in the programs of teaching the Russian language to foreign citizens since 1955.

In 1996, on the basis of the Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens (founded in 1970), International Centre of Education (ICE) was formed, which provides year-round courses in the Russian language and culture. A 3-week summer language school "Volga" – 2013 offers programs to choose from:

1. “Starting to speak Russian”. For those who first began to study the Russian language or have minimal training in the Russian language.

2. “Speaking correctly”. For students at B1, B2 levels.

Check-in Day is on August 11, check-out is on August 31.

Classes are held five days a week for 4 academic hours per day. The program includes:

·               20 hours of practical Russian language course in a week (phonetics, grammar, speaking practice).

·               1-2 trips a week (optional).

·               Daily language, cultural and sports activities in the afternoon.


After the course students are granted a certificate.

Financial conditions:

The program cost per person for three-week stay is 1000 Euro.

The cost includes:

·               Training (20 hours per week)

·               Daily language, cultural and sports activities in the afternoon, including 1-2 tours of the city (in a week)

·               Accommodation (youth hostel (photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4) or a host family)

·               2 meals a day

·               Transfer from Astrakhan airport and back

·               Input and final testing

·               Training materials

·               Certificate of Completion

Payment is made in roubles on the next working day after arriving at the rate of the Central Russian Bank. Additional services:

·               Registration fee 15 Euros per person payable on arrival in roubles at the exchange rate of the Central Russian Bank on the day of arrival.

·               Bus trip to Volgograd and Kalmykia (ancient and modern khuruls - traditional Buddhist monuments of culture), blossoming lotus fields in the Volga delta, boat trips for an additional fee.

Program number 1. "Starting to speak Russian." Training for this program has the following objectives: communicative - the development of oral communication skills, and general education – introduction to the realities of Russian life, including Astrakhan State Technical University campus and educational facilities (laboratories, training rooms, fish plants).

The main methodological principle of the course is that students from the first lesson are included in the scope of verbal communication. The introduction of linguistic units is given in the situation and fixed by immersion in the language.

The main task of learning is the development of oral communication skills. Speech practice includes introduction to verbal etiquette in everyday communication. Linguistic competence requires knowledge of grammatical paradigms, providing the student needs in solving communication problems in the volume of the initial level. The final control after the course is a test, based on the studied material.

Program number 2. "Speaking correctly." The purpose of this course is the development of the students’ speech competence, training and correction of grammatical skills of the Russian language, introduction to the realities of Russian life, including the participation in addressing environmental problems in the Caspian region.


• correction of orthoepic skills (accent, pronunciation);

• building the skills of speaking, necessary for communication on the topics: problems of modern education; intercultural cooperation; tolerance; round table discussion with young people - representatives of national and linguistic autonomy of Astrakhan region; environmental protection, particularly, the problems of the Caspian Sea in connection with the development of oil and gas fields; the role of the Caspian littoral states in addressing the protection of the Caspian Sea; ASTU as the  leader of Association of Universities of the Caspian states; round table with the participation of students and researchers of the University dealing with the development of the Volga-Caspian shelf and environmental protection;

• formation and correction of grammar proficiency in the Russian language to the extent, which is necessary to communicate on the above-mentioned topics.

The final control after the course is a test, based on the studied material.

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Applications are to be sent on Dead line is June 1, 2013